My name is Dakota Schneider, and I do stuff. Design for print and web? Check. Implementation of said web designs? Check. Server tools? Check. I do plain HTML(5) and CSS(3), with jQuery-assisted interaction on the client side and PHP on the server side. I also do WordPress stuff, including custom themes, plugins, custom content types, etc. I'm passable in Python, Shell Script, and BASIC (as if that's worth anything). I'm always looking for an excuse to dabble in new tools, languages, and technologies.

Besides desk-anchored design and programming projects, I enjoy mountain biking and skiing, hacking together small electronics projects, reading science fiction, and listening to music.

I speak English (native), Spanish (quite well), Japanese (a little), and German (I could barely order a coffee).

If you like what I've done and want to work with me, drop me an email (dakota[a]hackthetruth.org).